18ct Yellow Gold Tourmaline & Diamond and Sapphire Alignment Pendant

Designer: Shimell & Madden
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Shimell & Madden: 18ct Yellow Gold Tourmaline & Diamond and Sapphire Alignment Pendant


This stunning pendant is made from heavily textured 18ct yellow gold and features a bigger blue tourmaline, a yellow sapphire and two brilliant cut white diamonds. The stones are accentuated by circular 'halo's' giving the pendant a modern, geometric feel. The pendant sits on a delicate 18ct gold chain that is finished with a discreet clasp in the back.

18ct Yellow Gold, Blue Tourmaline, White Diamonds and Yellow Sapphire.


Pendant: 25mm x 11mm
Chain Length: 44mm

2x 0.04ct brilliant cut diamonds,
0.04ct sapphire
2.5mm tourmaline


Shimell and Madden occupy that space where craft, art and fashion intersect. High quality and hand-crafted, their jewellery explores themes of science, nature and time.  'Resolutely modernist, their work is abstract and linear, yet alive with rhythmic energy, resonating with the dignity of ancient architecture and the purity of classical geometry.'

If you would like any more information please get in touch either by calling 020 8444 7000 info@tomfoolerylondon.co.uk 


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