18ct Yellow Gold & Diamond Ring

Designer: Catherine Mannheim
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18ct Yellow Gold & Diamond Ring 18ct Yellow Gold & Diamond Ring


A beautifully handcrafted 18ct yellow gold ring, with central diamond. By Catherine Mannheim

Ring Size - M
Ring width - 2.5mm
Diamonds Approx) - 2.5 mm

Catherine's work is influenced by her love of ancient jewellery and artefacts  She trained  as a jeweller at the Central School of Art and the Werkkunstschule Dusseldorf.

Creating unique jewellery using traditional gold-smithing techniques,she works with18ct gold and fine gemstones and beads.  Simplicity of form and the soft matt gold contrasted by interesting stones and beads make her work stand out.

For more details please e-mail us at info@tomfoolerylondon.co.uk 

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