Tourmaline & 18ct Yellow Gold Cluster Engagement Ring

Designer: Hannah Bedford
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Green Tourmaline Engagement Ring by Hannah BedfordGreen Tourmaline Engagement Ring by Hannah Bedford


A deep green oval tourmaline prominently set on a tall cluster of 18ct yellow gold granules on a gold band. This ring would make a wonderful alternative as an unusual and colourful engagement ring.


Ring Size: K 1/2

Oval Tourmaline: 6mm x 4mm

Band Width: 2mm

Hannah Bedford collections are inspired by organic growth patterns in the natural world. Hannah uses granulation to create raised, textured surfaces that entwine each piece. Fine granulation encaptures precious stones and interlaces between surfaces.

If you have any questions regarding this ring please get in touch by calling 0208 444 7000 or by emailing for more details.

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