5/16" Opal & Black Diamond Ouroboros Hoop

Designer: Maria Tash
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Maria Tash:5/16" Opal & Black Diamond Ouroboros HoopMaria Tash:5/16" Opal & Black Diamond Ouroboros Hoop


Inspired by the mythical Ouroboros, this intriguingly detailed clicker ring in 18ct yellow gold is in the shape of a serpent eating its own tail. The snake has an engraved scale pattern, black diamond eyes, and an opal cabochon crowning the top of its head. The inside diameter of the ring is 8mm, and is a medium fit in a first or second hole, and a larger fit in a 3rd or 4th lobe piercing.
- Sold as a single hoop.

18ct Yellow Gold, Black Diamonds, Opal.

Internal Diameter: 8 mm
Hoop Width: 1.5 - 2.4 mm
Diamonds: 0.01ct


Maria Tash is an American based jewellery designer who also trained in London. She has a great appreciation for the art of body piercing and a love of Indian and Pakistani designs which clearly comes across in her work.

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