One of Kind 'Seven Sunsets of Nebo' 9k gold ring

Designer: Kay Konecna
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Kay Konecna: One of Kind 'Seven Sunsets of Nebo' 9k gold ringKay Konecna: One of Kind 'Seven Sunsets of Nebo' 9k gold ringKay Konecna: One of Kind 'Seven Sunsets of Nebo' 9k gold ring


Inspired by fictional worlds and created as a souvenir to keep. Look to Kay Konecna for jewellery that combines the traditional goldsmithing techniques with futuristic aesthetic.

This ring is part of our Art Ring showcase at Tomfoolery.

Art Ring is a celebration of bold design and craftmanship; for this event we asked over 30 of our designers to create unique statement rings. The Art Ring event runs from the 8th November to the 31st of January. Treat yourself or a loved one to a one of a kind ring!

The Ring:

The setting sun suddenly lights up the whole city. For a split second, the circuit boards that the City of Nebo is built on merge with the purple sky, where several stars start becoming visible.

“Keep this”, said Sno pushing one of her ornate rings onto my finger.

“When you look at the ring, you can see the walls and the mountain of Nebo glistening in the evening sun. Hold it up and you can see the map of the night sky and the setting sun. Put it on and a piece of Nebo will stay with you.


  • 9k yellow, rose and white gold
  • Pink Tourmaline: 5.33 ct
  • Ring width: 21 mm
  • Ring size: L1/2
  • This ring can be resized, please contact us for sizing options

Each of Kay Konecna's designs is crafted entirely by hand from sterling silver sheet and wire - imbuing them with spirit and energy that cannot be replicated. The technique she uses is based on hand-piercing a sheet of metal in a precise pattern, where by using different lengths and shapes of lines, Kay is able to control the final volume. This technique makes her jewellery instantly recognisable and gives each piece an unmistakable sparkle.

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