24k Gold-Plated Silver Jane Small Dot Bracelet

Designer: 5 Octobre
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5 Octobre: 24k Gold-Plated Silver Jane Small Dot Bracelet


Look to 5 Octobre for delicate, detailed jewellery.

This stunning bracelet is made from 24k gold-plated silver and features a loop chain pattern divided by three rhodium-plated dots. Effortlessly wearable, pair with matching necklace and earrings from the collection.


  • 24k gold-plated silver 
  • Loop size: 6mm x 8mm
  • 7-8" adjustable length  

Sophie Pfeffer, founder of 5 Octobre, has a passion for jewellery, gems and accessories that dates back to her childhood. Her fascination in collecting vintage pearls, old ornaments from Napoleon III epoch and tribal jewels imbues each the collection with a wide range of influences. Her influences reach from the world of fashion to contemporary and in particular the early arts, which remain an inexhaustible source of her inspiration.


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