Silver, Bronze & Diamond 'Muses' Cuff

Designer: Franny E
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Franny E: Silver, Bronze & Diamond 'Muses' CuffFranny E: Silver, Bronze & Diamond 'Muses' Cuff


This playful cuff bracelet is made from fused bronze and fine silver that tapers softly towards the back. It features two bronze 'muses' reclining on top and a diamond set in a fine silver bezel in between. The wide cuff has a beautiful organic texture and can easily be dressed up or down to suit the occassion.


Bronze, Fine Silver, Diamond.


Inner Diameter: 64mm
Front Width: 37mm
Opening Meaures:26.5mm
Diamond: approx. 1.5mm

Please note that each cuff is handmade and unique and may therefore vary slightly from the picture.

Canadian designer Franny E sources metals, diamonds and natural gemstones that are socially, environmentally and morally responsible. Like each piece of jewellery, their natural gemstones and diamonds are one-of-a-kind and contain natural inclusions. No two are alike.

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