Rose Gold Trio Pearl Hand Harness

Designer: Kismet
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Designer: Kismet Rose Gold & Pearl Unique Hand HarnessDesigner: Kismet Rose Gold & Pearl Unique Hand Harness



Rose gold pearl trio hand harness. This elegant design is worn both as a ring and bracelet. The harness delicately joins via a pearl adorned chain worn over the back of the hand.

Milka Karaagacli draws her inspiration from traveling and reading, letting her mood influence the design directly in the hope that the wearer will feel the same way when wearing the piece.
She says: 'Every collection is born with a story, a philosophical sentence. First I write the concept, the idea, and belief behind it, then I visualise and draw it.'

Using gold in combination with black & white diamonds, Kismet designs are fine, delicate and feminine.

The word 'Kismet' is turkish and means fate, fortune & luck. 'Kismet', the jewellery brand founded by turkish born Milka Karaagacli, represents the urban reflections of Istanbul's original identity.

Material: 14ct Rose Gold, 0.02ct pearl

Ring size: M 1/2

Bracelet length: 7 inch

Connecting chain length: 4 inch

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