Circular Amber & Wood with Silver Stud Earrings

Designer: Amberwood
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Amberwood uses Natural Baltic Amber,  combined with varied species of wood (black oak, hazel, pine) alongside sterling silver. These earrings are circular in form, the amber is a translucent yellow-orange distinctive of this ancient resin. The perfect colour pop to any outfit.

Please Note: Due to the uniqueness of the amber, its shape and colour may slightly differ from the one shown on the photo (a difference of max. 10%). The composition of wood and the silver element are identical in colour and proportions.


  • For pierced ears
  • Materials: Sterling Silver, wood (black oak, hazel, pine) and amber
  • Width of pendant: 15mm
  • Length of pendant: 15mm

Amberwood strives to reveal the inner beauty of organic materials and is inspired by the spacious memory of resin, a solidified history of life and the source of 40 milion years old amber resin. This resin is the base for all collections of her jewellery, which through her making process breathes new life into contemporary forms.

Care Advice:

Amberwood jewellery is a delicate product, and requires special care:
Store jewellery in original packaging or a soft pouch.
Remove jewellery before washing hands, taking a shower, swimming or applying body care products.
Avoid leaving items in direct sunlight or near heat sources.


If you would like any more information please get in touch by calling 0208 444 7000 or by emailing


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