Concrete and Silver Tube Necklace

Designer: Rhiannon Palmer
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Rhiannon Palmer: Concrete and Silver Tube NecklaceRhiannon Palmer: Concrete and Silver Tube Necklace


This hand cast concrete pendant and silver tube with the chain running through the tube is a modern, minimal statement piece. Rhiannon Palmer’s jewellery is designed to be contemporary and comfortable, although made of concrete they are surprisingly lightweight.

Dimensions (approx) 100 x 40 x 10 mm
Chain - 50 cm
Weight (approx) - 50g

Rhiannon’s concrete jewellery is cast by hand which means there will be subtle variations in the colour, texture and shape of all products produced making each piece unique.
Rhiannon aims to make the products as similar as possible to the picture provided but due to the nature of the work, the piece you receive will NOT be exactly the same.

Although strong concrete is not indestructible, please be careful not to drop or knock the jewellery as it is prone to chip and mark.
Prolonged contact with skin can cause a slight discolouration of the concrete due to the natural oils in your skin but this will not damage you or the jewellery.
Otherwise treat it with just as much care as you would your other jewellery.

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