Turquoise Blue and Yellow Speckled Stud Earrings

Designer: Dee Barnes
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Turquoise Blue and Yellow Speckled Stud Earrings


Look to Dee Barnes for eye-catching, lightweight jewellery that is bold, playful and fun. The pendant is made from cutting up sections of her acrylic paintings, which are then mounted and covered in layers of resin. The resin brings to life the textures and colours beneath it by magnifying and enriching the surface. Wear as an everyday statement piece.


  • For pierced ears
  • Materials: Paper, acrylic, resin, copper leaf, silver.

  • Earring height: 10mm

  • Earring width: 10mm

Please Note: Every piece of Dee Barnes jewellery is a one of a kind piece. The image shown represents the colour palette, shape and approximate dimensions of each piece, but every design will be different.

Dee Barnes enjoys mixing odd, uneven shapes that ultimately create a balanced look and endeavours to emulate real and semi-precious gemstones by layering colour with texture. The lightness of the materials used allows large statement pieces of jewellery to be created achieving greater visual impact.

Please email or call us here for more details - [email protected] -  0208 444 7000

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