Balanced Threaded Blue & Silver Earrings

Designer: Ola
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Ola: Balanced Threaded Blue & Silver EarringsOla: Balanced Threaded Blue & Silver Earrings


Balanced Threaded Blue & Silver Earrings - a sleek modern light design

Delicate and minimalist threader earrings.

Total length of the ear threader is 10cm so if divided evenly in the front and back, the front length of the earring measures 5cm.

Material: material is polyamide, earwire threaders are sterling silver

OLA Jewelry is created by 3d printing technology. Every OLA piece starts with a creative design. That idea becomes a computer file that embarks on a journey through a 3d printer. The jewelry is created from powder, printed layer by layer and hardened by a laser, until the shape is completely formed. Each OLA jewelry piece is polished for comfort and finished by hand.

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