Eye Ear Jacket

Designer: Momocreatura
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Single Enamel eye earring with added golden rays. These quirky earjackets feature the animated gaze of a peering enamel eyes with the addition of interchangable golden rays. The detachable golden rays can be worn alongside the eye stud, behind the ear or alternatively the stud can be worn alone  - allowing the wearer multiple adornment options. 

Momocreatura’s jewellery explores the boundaries between reality and fantasy through the depiction of fairy-tale inspired images. They are more like 3D illustration or wearable miniature sculptures. The silver and gold pieces are finely handcrafted assemblages of child-like imagination, suggestive of ambiguous, twisted humour.
Please note that all the enamel eyes are burned by hand in a kiln. Therefore, they are slightly different shapes and colours. Enjoy the organic shape of your eye - it is the only one in the world!
Ring Size: J
If you need any further information on this ring or would like to request an alternative size please email info@tomfoolerylondon.co.uk.
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