Ethical Natural Peach Oval Sapphire

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 Ethical Natural Peach Oval Sapphire


This ethically sourced 1.14ct peach oval sapphire from Wennick+Lefèvre is mined from open pits created from riverbeds in Madagascar. The stones are then hand-cut by experienced master cutters from the area around the small village of Kuruwita, near Rathnapura, where this expertise has been accumulated over centuries.

Nearly all gemstones are cut and polished, but only one in every one hundred is of high enough quality to remain natural. The others require some form of treatment – usually heat treatment – to enhance their beauty. However, any treatment turns the sapphires into something man-made and the connection to nature lost.

Wennick+Lefèvre doesn’t believe in treating gemstones. A treated gemstone is as inauthentic as gold plated jewellery.
They believe only a natural gemstone is a true representation of our planet – pure, beautiful and complex.

Please read more about Wennick+Lefèvres story here


Type of stone: Sapphire
Shape/Cut: Oval
Measurements Approx: 6.95 x 5.75mm
Carat weight: 1.14ct
Colour: unheat treated peach

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