Halo Silver & Gold Bracelet

Designer: Latham & Neve
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Halo Silver & Gold Bracelet


Hand-forged ovals of beaten silver  and gold linked to form this stunning chain bracelet. A contemporary, designer bracelet incorporating Latham & Neve's unique split ring clasp, so discreet you'll hardly notice it - its not just clever, it's beautiful.
Halo Bracelet’s unique design brings subtlety and wit to the simple chain form: each link is hammered and shiny on one side, with a soft-textured satin finish on the other, and is also asymmetric in shape, making an organic, easy-lying chain that twinkles in the light.

Materials: Sterling Silver, gold

Each individual link is approximately 28 x 19mm bracelet comes in a 21cm(8") length.

“The design philosophy at Latham and Neve is Modernist but wearable, cool but comfortable”

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