Steel & Gold 'Unity' Unisex Wedding Rings

Designer: Jacek Byczewski
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Alternative Matching Unisex Wedding Rings  by Jacek ByczewskiSteel & Gold 'Unity' Unisex Wedding Rings  by Jacek Byczewski


*** Please note each ring is sold individually and available by special order only - please enquire for more details at or call us on 0208 444 7000 ***

A matching pair of unisex rings, the smaller steel band is designed to fit within the larger. Each ring is plated with 14ct gold curved surfaces with the inscription: 'the vow and the commandment'. This detail is on the inner surface of the larger ring and on the outside of the smaller ring.

Materials: Steel & 14ct Gold

Band widths -
Smaller Ring: 6mm with 2.5mm depth
Larger ring: 7mm with 3mm depth

Jacek Byczewski is a Polish jewellery designer who has been working in the industry for over 40 years. Jacek works with a combination of solid gold, precious stones and stainless steel with a strong emphasis on sculptural designs

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