Multi Pearl Collar

Designer: Mizuki
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 Mizuki Multi Pearl Collar


Look to Mizuki Shinkai for elegant, edgy jewellery using stunnig baroque pearls and diamonds.

Sexy punk. This strikingly cool collar can only be from Mizuki. A flexible stainless steel wire creates amazing comfort and adjustability. Subtle pearls line the neck with 14ct gold cut beads to accent the ends. Three pearls in the center let the sense of design be known.


  • Pearls and 14 Carat Yellow Gold
  • Pearls measure 6mm & 3mm.

If you have any questions regarding this piece please get in touch by calling 0208 444 7000 or emailing [email protected]

Mizuki Shinkai designs revolve and express the pure natural beauty of pearls. All designs are handmade in Shinkai’s uniquely Japanese style, which emphasises the delicate soft textures. Mizuki Shinkai jewellery is simple and elegant, created using a high level of craftsmanship, technology and understanding.



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