Gold Plated Grey & Black Diamond Necklace

Designer: Mounir
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Mounir: Gold Plated Grey & Black Diamond Necklace


This pretty necklace is designed by Mounir. It is made in gold plated silver and features black and grey rough cut diamonds. If you would like to see more images of this necklace being worn please get in touch with our tf try on service. Alternativly you can call the gallery on 0208 444 7000. 

Materials: Gold Plated Silve Black & Grey Diamonds

Chain Length: 16"




Mounir's style is that of a timeless and refined elegance. Partnered with wife Corinne, the philosophy of the designs has always been to create honest and beautiful pieces resistant to fleeting fashions. Mounir's romance with the colour and mysticism of the stones is an undeniable facet of his unfaltering allure. Using gold and silver, laden with individually sourced precious and semi-precious stones, the designs reflect a sense of balance and proportion.

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