Lilac And Grey Dust Loop Pendant

Designer: Sarah Lindsay
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Sarah Lindsay: Lilac And Grey Dust Loop PendantSarah Lindsay: Lilac And Grey Dust Loop Pendant


A delicate loop pendant of speckled grey and plum coloured acrylic paired with a long lilac silk ribbon with silver endings.

Acrylic, Silk, Silver

Ribbon Length: 36"/ 92cm
Pendants measures approx.: 50mm x 50mm

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London based Scottish designer Sarah Lindsay creates her distinctive Dust Collection from thin, translucent slices of coloured acrylic carefully mixed together to achieve speckled surfaces. Dust laced edges of acrylic particles evoke naturally occurring materials eroding over time. Her light-weight jewellery is easy to wear and combine free- formed coiled necklaces and faceted pendants with silver framed transparent slices allowing light to pass through them.

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