Rose Gold Girl Diamond Pendant

Designer: Sara Hartley
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Sarah HartleySarah HartleySarah Hartley


A rose gold plated necklace with a Tinies girl diamond pendant. This Tinies charm comes with a pebble drop to add uniqueness to your necklace.

Sara Hartley Tinies collection has been influenced by the forms of a literal character.

Material: Rose gold plated sterling silver

Chain Length: 16 inch

The inspiration came from her two children - she wanted to have a piece of jewellery that would capture their character to remind her of them. She wanted the collection to appeal to a wide audience that would like something personal, elegant, timeless and unique. For Sara it was her children, but whether it be your child, friend, brother, sister, boyfriend, husband, an animal - the list could go on - she has designed a collection that is personal and tactile with the ability to spark a memory or feeling. You can choose and design your on personal piece of jewellery, combining the different characters - a boy or girl, child or adult or animal - each with a different personality meaning something to you. Some pieces have been set with small stones, diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

The collection works beautifully with every day wear or an evening outfit.

Please email if you would like to create your own bespoke version of this item.

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