Barcelona Poster Link Necklace

Designer: Emma McFarline
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Contemporary and modern necklace - Barcelona Poster by Emma McFarlineContemporary and modern necklace - Barcelona Poster by Emma McFarline


An unusual statement necklace with a contemporary mood featuring images of urban posters in ceramic decal (transfer) and enamelled steel framed in silver. This graphic necklace is finished with a handmade sterling silver back. By Emma McFarline
Length of necklace: approx. 20"
Length of individual links: approx. 2"
Emma McFarline's jewellery repositions public street artworks in the context of contemporary jewellery through fragmented images framed in silver settings. The enamelled surfaces on steel with ceramic transfers create intrigue and arouse curiosity as you recognise the shapes and colourful marks outlining a dancing figure, letters or animal creating wearable mini-artworks.
Emma McFarline is based in Northern Ireland and graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2011. She has won various awards including the Graduate Award from the British Society of Enamellers and has featured in publications such as British Vogue and 'Jewelbook - International Annual of Contemporary Jewel Art'.
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