Three Shooting Stars Silver Necklace

Designer: Hiroshi Kurokawa
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Hiroshi Kurokawa: Three Shooting Stars Silver Necklace


Inspired by the shooting stars and the old gipsy legends, this coin pendant by a Japanese designer Hiroshi Kurokawa is set with three vibrant gemstones - blue topaz, green garnet, red sapphire. Each stone is gipsy set with engraved star rays surrounding it. The pendant is strung on a fine silver chain and closed with a clasp.


  • Sterling silver
  • Pink tourmaline, green garnet, amethyst, citrine and yellow sapphire
  • Coin Dimensions: 15 x 15 mm + 4.5mm loop
  • Chain length: 18 inches
  • Spring-back clasp


In 1997, Hiroshi's natural craftsmanship came to the force and he embarked in the artistry of jewellery. Now he designs and crafts all his jewellery entirely by hand, inspired by everything from daily life experience to contemporary elegance with an edge.

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