Never Look Back Sterling Silver Talisman Pendant

Designer: Pyrrha
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Pyrrha: Never Look Back Sterling Silver Talisman Pendant


This talisman pendant in Sterling Silver reads 'Jamais Arriere' in French, which means 'Never Look Back'. A winged heart is a symbol of a sentient soul, liberated and flying free towards the future. The pendant hangs on a 22" cable chain made of silver.

Sterling Silver


Pendant: 23mm x 22mm
Chain Length: 22"


Inspired by the idea of metamorphosis, the name Pyrrha was taken from the Greek myth of Pyrrha & Deucalion. The name describes not only a physical change - transforming reclaimed metals into jewelry - but also represents a positive transformation of character and inspiration for the wearer.

Inspiration for Pyrrha's signature talisman jewelry came to the designers at an estate sale while digging through a box of old letters adorned with dirty, cracked, and fragile wax seals. "Rich in heraldic symbolism, something about the antiquity of the seals made their sentiment feel more genuine."
Fascinated by the art of heraldry and compelled to preserve their rough-hewn history, they use the seals to make talisman jewelry that conveys an inspirational message.

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