One of Kind 'Incanto Anello 9k yellow gold ring

Designer: Mia Chicco
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Mia Chicco: One of Kind 'Incanto Anello 9k yellow gold ringMia Chicco: One of Kind 'Incanto Anello 9k yellow gold ringMia Chicco: One of Kind 'Incanto Anello 9k yellow gold ring


Look to Mia Chicco for  jewellery inspired by ancient Roman treasures and the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi.

This ring is part of our Art Ring showcase at Tomfoolery.

Art Ring is a celebration of bold design and craftmanship; for this event we asked over 30 of our designers to create unique statement rings. The Art Ring event runs from the 8th November to the 31st of January. Treat yourself or a loved one to a one of a kind ring!

The Ring:

"Dating back to antiquity Magic rings have been treasured for their ability to endow the wearer with a variety of powers or forces. Inspired by that notion and created at a time in my life when I’ve felt most empowered, I have made this ring. Unique, distinctive and full of mystical magic."

Scupted by hand and then cast in 9k yellow gold a line of tiny granules runs around the circumference of the band and around the top edge of the bezel setting. The ring is set with a beutiful blue-green tourmaline .


  • 9k yellow gold
  • Green
  • Ring size: O 1/2 middle
  • This ring can be resized, please contact us for sizing options

Mia Chicco’s pieces evolve as a process of experimentation and discovery. They explore texture, form and arrangement, resulting in one-of-a-kind masterpieces that find beauty in the imperfect and authentic. Special attention is paid to the detail and construction of each and every piece, ensuring that they are exceptional, unique and made to be treasured forever.

For more details please e-mail us at [email protected] 

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