We offer a simple and straight forward ‘essential’ jewellery photography that is ideal for both online and printed promotion of your collections. We aim to represent your signature aesthetic with minimum finishing to present an honest representation of each of your individual pieces of jewellery.

We run our own in-house photography for our online store and many of our promotional materials. In response to requests from jewellers who have shown interest in the images we have taken of their collections, we are extending this service for our designers/the designers we represent.

Our images show your work with the clarity needed for the truly innovative jewellery offering our broad base of designers create. Post-production is focussed on showing colour and textural detail as close as possible to the real thing. All images are cut out on a solid white background to a square crop as standard. This is the most simple format to upload across multiple platforms on your website, online blog features, press, social media and printed promotions.


The price of each image, that is available in all three formats, RAW, high (300dpi) and low (72dpi) resolution, is priced at £20 (excluding VAT). 

Our portfolio

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