Black & Purple Twist Bangle

MSRP: ¤80.00 ¤80.00


Look to Guzin for lightweight, bold pieces that are playful and fun. 

This bangle is made from 3D printed nylon and stainless steel. Adding a dash of colour to your outdfit couldn’t be easier; perfect for both the office or a night out. Pair with earrings from the collection.


  • 3D Printed nylon, Stainless Steel
  • Slips on
  • 65mm Wrist Size

Güzin was founded by jewelry designer Güzin Deveci-Gröhs in 2015. For Güzin, jewelry is a form of communication into a new world. She seeks to challenge stereotypes and poses the question: Can the unwearable become wearable? Indeed, all of her jewelry pieces and objects reflect this ethos, with carefully selected unusual materials, crafted using traditional techniques. The perfectly balanced and innovative fusion between cultural influences and modern 3D printing technology creates jewelry that is a bold colorful statement, yet playful and seemingly weightless.

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Materials & Dimensions