Dalia Gemstone Brooch Sapphire




Designed and fabricated by Joanna Manousis, the ‘True Facets’ series integrates both real and printed illustrations of gemstones suspended in sheet glass. Each glass piece is meticulously hand-polished and elevated in fine silver basket settings, providing a sense of dimensionality and grandeur to the overall piece, along with a push and pull between the real and the illusionary.

Joanna Manousis is a British visual artist creating monumental and intimate-scale sculpture and jewellery in glass, mirror, and mixed media. Her work often imitates other materials and recognisable objects, creating shifts in perception and an altered sense of reality for the viewer / wearer.

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Materials & Dimensions

Metal: Sterling silver
Printed illustrations of precious gemstones fused into two sheets of glass.
Sterling silver hinged brooche pin
Brooch dimensions: 62mm x 42mm


One size