Fluorite Half Hoop Earrings

MSRP: £68.00 £50.00



The Half Hoop Earrings showcase the bold colour and intricate print detail. Each silk colour features a high definition scan of natural elements such as copper and opals. 

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“British designer Elizabeth Bloom created Dorus Mhor Jewellery to celebrates the beauty and artistry of fine fabrics through their application to accessories. These include a medley of monochromatic jewel-toned silks and limited edition prints that tell a unique story. The name Dorus Mhor pays tribute to Elizabeth’s idyllic childhood home. The Gaelic translation literally means ‘great door’.”

*Please note to the unique quality of silk, the colours of each piece may differ.

Materials & Dimensions

Silk, Sterling Silver
40mm x 60mm


One Size