Thailand Pearl & Silver Ring

MSRP: £2,900.00 £2,900.00



This spectacular, wide ring is made from silver with a rippled organic surface. The focus is a large baroque pearl with tourmaline, emerald, tsavorite garnet and glitter. Please note that each Maud Traon piece is unique and may differ slightly from the image. 

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Maud Traon is known for taking an approach to making jewellery that combines vibrant colours and an unusual way of setting stones. The stones are set in a manner that reflects their natural structure, glitter is treated as an equal to precious stones and the object in its entirety appears to have fallen out of a natural wonderland.

Materials & Dimensions

White Baroque Pearl, Tourmaline, Emerald, Tsavorite Garnet, Glitter, Silver, Gold-Plated Silver
Band width: approx. 12mm, Pearl size: 13mm