Raspberry Pink and Orange Faceted Wood Bangle

Designer: Cristina Zani
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Cristina Zani: Raspberry Pink and Orange Faceted Wood Bangle


Exploring the contast between futuristic buildings and ancient temples, Cristina Zani's jewellery sits on the edge of the modern and ancient. Cristina works predominantly with wood, that she hand carves, varnishes with paint and then she sands parts of it off. This technique gives each piece its slightly worn, antique look. This bangle has a unique, oval shape that makes it sit securely and very comfortably on the wrist. Made from hand carved wood with raspberry pink and orange varnish, it instantly adds a pop of colour to any outfit.


  • Hand carved wood, orange and raspberry pink varnish
  • Inner bangle dimensions (approx.): 82x 48 mm
  • Outer bangle dimensions (approx.): 130 x 95 x 16 mm

Please email [email protected] or call us on 0208 444 7000 for more information.


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