Ramona Rapunzel Rustic Diamond Ring

Designer: Polly Wales
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Polly Wales: Ramona Rapunzel Rustic Diamond RingPolly Wales: Ramona Rapunzel Rustic Diamond Ring


Look to Polly Wales for one of a kind, colour treasures with a rough luxe aesthetic.

The Ramona Rapunzel Rustic Diamond Ring features stunning cognac rustic diamonds. The  diamonds are cast within 18ct yellow gold in Polly Wales signature 'cast not set' style. Wear solo or stack with other pieces from the collection.


  • 18 carat yellow gold, cognac diamonds
  • Dimensions: 3mm band
  • Ring Sizes Available: K 1/2

Polly Wales studied Fine Art Sculpture before following her passion for jewellery and retraining at the Royal College of Art graduating in 2006. She has bought together her skills as a sculptor, her love of traditional casting and carving techniques and her craftsmanship to create one of a kind pieces of jewellery.

Polly Wales has developed a unique technique of casting the rich coloured gemstones straight into the precious metal. This process is unique to Polly and has become her signature style, gaining her international recognition at major exhibitions and in craft and jewellery galleries.


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