18ct Gold and Oxidised Silver Band

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Unusual Gold and Oxidised Silver Band by Disa Allsopp


A contrasting band made in half 18ct yellow gold and a half oxidised silver band. This unusual ring is entirely handmade and can be altered to fit if an alternative ring size is required.


Ring Size (approx): L

Band width: 2mm


London born jeweller Disa Allsopp was raised in Barbados and returned to the UK where she studied Jewellery at Middlesex University and gained a post-graduate diploma in Jewellery from Edinburgh College of Art & Design. After setting up her first studio in Barbados she starting her current jewellery studio in London in 1996, where all her work is individually handmade.

Disa’s work is inspired by the ancient jewellery of the Etruscans, Egyptians and Greek and Roman civilizations. She uses traditional techniques such as forging, reticulation and patination to produce her unique finishes to gold and silver. Her travels to East Africa and her origins in Barbados can be seen in her use of gemstones, with golden citrines, rich garnets, rubies together with white and coloured diamonds set on unique bands. These rough and rare cut gemstones make Disa’s work contemporary while maintaining a timeless charm.


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