Rustic Turquoise Signet Ring

Designer: Momocreatura
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Momocreatura: Rustic Turquoise Signet Ring


Look to Momocreatura for edgy, intricate jewellery.

This signet ring is made from sterling silver, with an oxidised finish, to give it a blackened aesthetic. Featuring a beautiful oval turquoise. 


  • Sterling silver
  • Oxidised Finish
  • Ring Size: R
  • Turquoise 12 x 10mm

Momocreatura’s jewellery explores the boundaries between reality and fantasy through the depiction of fairy-tale inspired images. They are more like 3D illustration or wearable miniature sculptures. The silver and gold pieces are finely handcrafted assemblages of child-like imagination, suggestive of ambiguous, twisted humour.

For more details please call 0208 444 7000 or email [email protected]  

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