Silver and Herkimer Diamond Bracelet

Designer: Niza Huang
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Niza Huang: Silver and Herkimer Diamond BraceletNiza Huang: Silver and Herkimer Diamond Bracelet


This herkimer diamond and silver bracelet has high impact, ideal for adding a contemporary twist to both day and evening wear.

Sterling Silver and Herkimer diamonds

- Internal Diameter: approx, 5 cm
- Thickness: approx, 0.5 -1.0 cm

Niza Huang is a London based jewellery designer with an eye for texture and shape. She is inspired by the transient nature of life and loves to incorporate stories into her work.
" I don't know what is real what is not real, what is past what is future, what is leaving what is approaching, you are arriving but also, you are disappearing. " - Niza Huang

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