Stainless Steel Metra Necklace

Designer: Victoria Myatt
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Victoria Myatt: Stainless Steel Metra Necklace


This minimal, hexagon necklace makes up one part of the Talisman story, Metra is an ouroboros, a symbol of infinity bringing perspective and looking outward. Made of Stainless Steel, the pendant measures 29mm x 48mm and is hung on an 75cm long silver plated chain.


Stainless Steel, Silver Plated Base Metal.



Pendant: 29mm x 48mm

Necklace Length: 75cm

Designed for the Structure collection, which is inspired by revealing the hidden structures that make up the world around us, Talisman uses the most ethereal interpretation of structure, the ones we invent for ourselves. A modern version of the tradition of wearing jewellery for protection Talisman is multi-part necklace made of three interlocking motifs, each represents a different idea you might need to draw on. Wear one, two or all three depending how you need to structure your thoughts. I have my story, create your own personal Talisman story, or just wear what looks good.

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