Violette Earrings In Red

Designer: Dominique Denaive
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Dominique Denaive: Violette Earrings In RedDominique Denaive: Violette Earrings In Red


A gorgeous pair of earrings in hand crafted resin mixed with mother of pearl and gold powder, giving them a gorgeous shimmer. The earring is  comprised of two sections brought together by articulated links in gold plated brass, which beautifuly contrasts against the rich red of the resin. Each element from this earrings is one of a kind & hand polished.


Resin, Mother of Pearl Powder, Gold Powder, Gold Plated Brass.

Drop Length: 75mm

Produced in limited series, from delicate drop earrings to statement necklaces, Dominique Denaive’s bold sculptural shapes set his jewelry design apart.
His ever-evolving collections are grounded in the designer’s expertise of resin, meticulous craftsmanship, and a confident artistic vision making his pieces modern must-haves.

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