Alice Clarke Q&A

Alice Clarke Alice Clarke Alice Clarke Alice Clarke Alice Clarke

What/who inspires you and your work?

Our amazing islands inspire me to no end. The Falkland Islands, aka the gateway to Antarctica. I can narrow it down to what is evident in my current work, which are the tiny and beautiful details in corals and urchins we find thriving in our oceans. But in general, I guess to put it crudely, nature!

My husband runs an outdoor adventure business ‘Falklands Outdoors’ – when I’m not at the bench creating I’m out with him exploring the rugged coastline in our sea kayaks.

Being so close to nature, paddling on the surface of the vast deep blue, inspires me more than I could ever have imagined. My mind races as soon as I set eyes on that glassy horizon. I love it, I feel like the ocean runs in my veins.

How long have you been making jewellery for?

About 11-12 years now. Crazy how fast time has gone! I graduated from the School of Jewellery in Birmingham in 2013 however I registered with the Birmingham Assay Office in second year as I began to sell my lichen work while studying jewellery and silversmithing. They were pieces which originated from one of our school projects. Some of those pieces are still going strong today and are my bread-and-butter items in my cabinets down here in the Falklands.

How did you hear of tomfoolery jewellery gallery?

Tomfoolery is the hot topic on everyones lips. How could I not know about you guys! I think originally it must have been through the powerful world of social media; Instagram a few years ago.

Can you tell me a little about your practice/materials used etc.

I predominately work with the ancient jewellery making technique; lost wax casting. It’s perfect for my aesthetic and a practice I’ve been perfecting since my school of jewellery days.
We (my husband helps me) cast down here. I’ve had an old dentist caster but that packed in recently so I’ve just invested in some new casting equipment to help improve my making process.

Being the only goldsmith on a remote island means I don’t stick to making in one metal, I make in many. I have a wide client base down here; from the cruise ship tourists to locals, from military to my UK clients back home. They all wear and enjoy different metals, from platinum to yellow gold and rose gold to silver. A lot of my work is made in 14k yellow gold though as that’s my favourite with diamonds and sapphires set in claws. And sometimes the odd Falklands Agate or Jasper thrown in for good measure. These are found by us here in the Falklands. Sometimes in penguin nests or penguin motorways!

Do you have any favourites from your recent LOVE Ring collection?

YES! I’m so proud of the work I sent to Tomfoolery, you’ve had a few of my all-time favourites. I did really love the Purple Sapphire Coral Cluster Ring and the Pale Blue Sapphire Coral Cluster Ring. I’ve also been working on some newbies for you guys which I’m super excited about! Watch this space..

Do you have any new projects planned for the year ahead?

I feel like I never stop! 😊 I’m currently making space in the studio for the new caster and re-designing the display/ shop area ready for next tourist season which begins in September. Hopefully we’ll have everything in and up and running for then. I’m continuously pushing myself at the bench with new ideas and new techniques, I really want to master casting stones in place. Oh and I’ve also just taken on my first employee Jo, she’s amazing and is helping prepare silver stock for the summer season. There’s never a dull moment in my little wonderland.