Birthstones: DIAMOND


Those born in April are lucky enough to have diamond as their birthstone. A universal symbol of purity, fortune and power, the diamond is the world’s hardest and most durable precious gemstone. Diamonds are most-commonly sourced in Russia, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Australia and Canada.

The name “Diamond” originates from the Greek word “adamas,” meaning invincible. Although diamonds are typically known for their crystal, glass-like appearance known as “white” diamonds, they do in fact come in a range of hues; otherwise known as “fancy diamonds”; this includes vibrant shades like yellow, pink and blue which take position as some of the world’s most valuable diamonds. They can also come in neutral tones such as champagne, grey or black diamonds – which are often available at a more affordable price point.

From ultimate classics to miniature artworks, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite diamond jewellery for April.

Starting with a jewellery box staple, these Claw-Set Diamond Studs from our in-house diamond collection exude elegance

For those wanting a warmer hue, the OOAK Emerald Cut Champagne Diamond Monolith Ring by New York based designer, WWAKE who is known for her unexpected arrangements and modern silhouettes.

Finally, we have our Astra Diamond Journey Pendant from Metier by Tomfoolery which features a star-set diamond, a great everyday must-have that makes a wonderful gift.