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Discover the exquisite array of alternative engagement and wedding jewellery showcased annually by tomfoolery, featuring a curated selection of the finest creations from around the globe.

20th April – 22nd June 2024

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LOVE Ring 2024

tf House

Crafted in-house with a timeless flair, utilising the most extraordinary gemstones, each piece stands as an exceptional marvel. Ideal for individuals seeking an original and eclectic touch in their engagement ring, delve into this captivating collection here.

Organic Forms

Embark on a journey through the captivating creations of Page Sargisson, Emily Nixon, Ruth Tomlinson, and a host of other artisans. Witness the fusion of exquisite gemstones with organic, textured gold, meticulously hand-sculpted to perfection, resulting in pieces that exude timeless charm and unrivalled allure.

Delicate Details

Feminine intricacies and meticulous craftsmanship define these unique engagement rings, each bearing its own captivating narrative. Explore these mesmerising one-of-a-kind creations from Charlotte Rowenna, Rosalyn Faith, Diana Mitchell, plus many more.

Coloured Gemstones

Delve into our curated assortment of gemstone rings crafted by Ciara Bowles, Leto Lama, and Shimara Carlow, showcasing a kaleidoscope of vibrant, rainbow-hued and pastel gemstones. Ideal for the bride who delights in infusing her ensemble with a charming burst of colour.

Wedding Bands

Presenting a captivating assortment of wedding bands that spans the spectrum from rustic, textured designs to timeless romantic classics. Explore our curated selection, which includes elegantly curved bands alongside a stunning array of men’s wedding rings, each crafted to symbolise enduring love and commitment.