Our Love of Fine Jewellery

Jennie Kwon Fine Jewellery Jennie Kwon Fine Jewellery

Here at Tomfoolery, we celebrate all types of jewellery – from craft to costume, demi-fine and fine. So, what is the difference?

Fine jewellery refers to pieces made using the finest of materials – precious metals and gemstones, meaning it is incredibly durable and worth somewhat more value. These are your pieces that genuinely will last a lifetime and can be passed down from generation to generation. Fine jewellery is generally made of solid gold (most commonly 18ct) or platinum and may feature diamonds, pearl or other gemstones.

When Laura took the reins from her parents in 2004, the jewellery landscape at the time was very different from what we see today. At Tomfoolery, we are excited by designers who throw themselves fully into the creative process and create one-of-a-kind pieces, blurring the boundaries between jewellery and art. Our clients are also looking for pieces that are more unique, signify creativity and reflect their personality.

From our North London-based jewellery gallery, we stock a curated selection of independent designers such as Ruth Tomlinson, Shimmel & Madden and WWAKE. Whether you are on the hunt for timeless staples or bold statement pieces we have something to suit all tastes.

When purchasing fine jewellery, naturally it will be a more considered investment due to the higher expense, however fine jewellery doesn’t only need to be worn for special occasions. Due to the high-quality materials used, it won’t tarnish over time and can be worn every day, requiring minimal maintenance.

Traditionally clients have looked towards “safe” designs, those that are more conventional that they believe will still be adorned in years to come. However, in recent years and especially post-pandemic we are finding clients are being somewhat “braver” with their purchases, looking towards unexpected combinations, vivid and uplifting colours or positivity-inducing talismans.
“At Tomfoolery, we encourage our clients to seek out designs that speak to them now, in this moment of time. This could lead to more unexpected purchases, pieces that resonate with them and trigger emotion,” says Laura Kay

Our fine jewellery is by creatives who seek to design pieces with a difference, such as the work of Polly Wales, who pioneered her “Cast-not-Set” technique whilst working towards her Masters at The Royal College of Art – a process where diamonds and sapphires are thrown into molten gold to create one-of-a-kind, unexpected treasures. Imbued with the jeweller’s signature rough-luxe finish, the D’Ornano Padlock Necklace is set with colourful sapphires in contrasting cuts arranged to resemble a flower with glistening powder-hued petals. Whilst designers Shimmel and Madden fuse the worlds of conceptual design and traditional goldsmithing, they combine structural patterns in recycled 18ct gold with gemstones to create bold and distinctive fine jewellery. For an affordable, timeless ring look to their Textured Yellow Gold and Diamond Ring, which is from their “Symmetry” collection, inspired by geometry.