Our Materials & Gemstones

Every item at tomfoolery has been chosen with careful consideration and a desire to provide a curated collection of the world’s most renowned jewellery designers. Colour, craftsmanship and innovation are the driving force behind our offering. As well as traditional gemstones and materials, our in-house design team have sourced more unusual stones from around the globe to bring the most unique designs to our customers.

Various metals serve crucial roles in jewellery-making, each offering distinct characteristics. Base metals like copper, brass, and nickel provide affordability and durability, often used as alloys to enhance strength. Gold plating offers a luxurious sheen at a lower cost than solid gold, achieved by depositing a layer of gold onto another metal. Platinum, valued for its rarity and purity, boasts a brilliant white lustre and exceptional durability. Enamel and ceramic add vibrant colours and intricate designs to pieces.

Pearls, formed within mollusks, exude timeless elegance and come in various shapes and colours. Gemstones, including diamonds, rubies, and sapphires, captivate with their beauty and uniqueness.

Responsibly sourced and lab-grown diamonds offer sustainable alternatives, reducing environmental impact and ethical concerns associated with mining. These ethical choices align with contemporary values, ensuring beauty without compromising integrity.