An Homage for Mahsa Jina Amini Art Ring



Please note, this is a one-of-a-kind ring made for our ARTring 2022 exhibition. ARTring is an annual celebration of bold design and craftmanship showcasing masterful creations from over 40 unique designers. The ARTring event is hosted in the gallery from November to January. Each ARTring comes with a dedicated Story Card featuring a sketch and quote from the designer.

Greek-born Maria Frantzi is fascinated by the history of jewellery and this is reflected in her work. Maria is particularly inspired by our ancient cave-dwelling ancestors – “People may say that jewellery is a frippery, but jewellery was possibly the first thing created by human beings that was not required for simple survival. Through the ages, jewellery has been used to express prestige, power, faith and love.” Maria’s jewellery is characterised by out-of-this-world colours and shapes.

Maria says about her Art Ring:

“I use the Suffragette colours to remind us that women are still fighting against oppressive regimes for Freedom and self-expression.”





Materials & Dimensions

Metal: 18ct Yellow Gold & Silver
Gemstones: Beryl, Spinel & Scapolite
Yellow Beryl : 6.2mm x 12mm & 9.5mm x 8mm
Spinel: 14.5mm x 5.5mm
Scapolite: 7.2mm x 9mm
1 x accent diamond
Ring Front Height : 23.4mm
Band Width: 4.4mm


We have a size L available in the gallery.
This ring can be resized. For more information, please email [email protected]