Light Grey & Neon Yellow Perlen Wooden Beaded iPhone Necklace & Keychain



Light Grey & Neon Yellow Perlen Wooden Beaded iPhone Necklace & Keychain by Ina Seifart. This necklace version of the signature beaded keyholder is both practical and stylish. With options to self-fasten around a bag strap, clip onto belt loops, or be worn around the neck or across the body, its versatile design ensures easy access to essentials. Featuring an elastic band for flexibility, durable metal hardware, and crafted with vegan, non-toxic paint, this keyholder strikes a balance between functionality and conscientious material choices. The chain can be purchased separately, or together with a clear iPhone case, available in a range of sizes.

Ina Seifart’s design label reimagines remarkable materials and vintage finds into modern accessories, particularly specialising in unique keychains and phone straps. The accessory and jewellery brand is synonymous with clean style and famous for its products like the wooden bead chains and keyholders. Her collection transforms carefully selected “objets trouvés” into contemporary treasures, skilfully combining modern design with ancient objects, all crafted with meticulous care to capture the beauty found in simplicity and modern design. The studio in Berlin is home to a fair and local production. Wherever possible vintage materials are used.

If you have any questions please get in touch by calling 0208 444 7000, or by emailing [email protected] for more details.

Materials & Dimensions

10mm beads with vegan, non-toxic varnish, elastic ribbon
Certified sustainable wood (FSC)
Metal keyring and clasp
Length: 120cm approx.
Hand stamped logo
Handmade in Berlin


One Size