One Of A Kind Once Upon A Time Art Ring

MSRP: £1,650.00 £1,650.00


Maud Traon

This ring embodies the colourful and bold beauty of jewellery by Maud Traon.

This ring is part of our Art Ring showcase at Tomfoolery.

Art Ring is a celebration of bold design and craftmanship; for this event we asked over 30 of our designers to create unique statement rings. The Art Ring event runs from the 8th November to the 31st of January. Treat yourself or a loved one to a one of a kind ring!


Entitled ‘Once Upon A Time’, this one of a kind ring features a myraid of different coloured gemstones, including a striking opal. The perfect statement ring!


Materials: Opal doublet, Opal shards, Carnelian, Peridot, Resin, Tourmaline, Sequins, Glitter, Silver

Band Width: 12mm

UK Ring Size: P (approx)

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Materials & Dimensions