Purple Tusk Necklace

MSRP: £150.00 £150.00 £75.00


Designer: Tina Lilienthal

This statement tusk necklace is totally tropical!

The total necklace length is 43cm.

The following elements are threaded onto a fine curb silver chain.

-Silver tusks; Two 12mm long

-Purple perspex tusks; Two 20mm long, one 33mm long.

-Four white quartz crystals approx. 30-40mm long.

-Four light blue quartz crystals approx. 20-25mm long.

Due to the use of natural materials the colour, shape and size of the stones will vary.

Tina Lilienthal was born in Bonn, Germany and now lives and works in London. After graduating from the Royal College of Art, she rapidly established herself as designer for bespoke fashion jewellery with an edge. Tina’s designs are made primarily in plastics and fabrics in combination with precious elements such as silver, gold, and pearls. Through this unconventional mixture of materials her jewellery tells the story of the cheap and the expensive, the male and the female, the old and the new, the mundane and the precious, the sacred and the profane.

Materials & Dimensions