Silver Faceted Square Ingot Bracelet



Silver Faceted Square Ingot Bracelet by The Ouze. Faceted square slabs of silver connected with rough double links. Each part is single casted, polished and soldered together by hand, designed with a custom lock system. The bracelet is made of recycled 925 sterling silver and features external British hallmarking. This chunky silver link bracelet is a perfect example of the designer’s signature rugged and textured look, all handmade.

The Ouze specialises in creating unique fine jewellery using recycled metals and sourcing conflict-free and lab-created stones to minimise the impact on the world. Designs are often composed of rugged slabs of silver and raw gems, with each piece leaving evidence of the person who crafted it by celebrating unique imperfections. Weathered and worn pieces of vintage jewellery found at local markets provide visual inspiration, there is something captivating about the way their history is revealed through their special patina.

If you have any questions please get in touch by calling 0208 444 7000, or by emailing [email protected] for more details.

Materials & Dimensions

Recycled Sterling Silver
Length: 8 inches
Width: 12mm
T bar fastening


One Size