Single 9ct Yellow Gold Cauri N°2 Earring

£220.00 £110.00


The Cauri N°2 drop earring is made from coral, lapis lazuli, moonstone or turquoise, hand-carved into the shape of a shell and set with a round coral or turquoise cabochon. This earring is sold as a single.

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For Pascale Monvoisin, beauty is born in irregularity, imperfect symmetry and the mark of the human hand. The designer is willfully irreverent, marrying precious materials with those that aren’t so. Gold with seashells. Beautiful gemstones with silk thread.

Materials & Dimensions

Coral with Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli with Coral, Moonstone with Turquoise, Turquoise with Coral, 9ct Yellow Gold
Earring: 12 x 8mm


One size