Silver Small Floral Mandala Pendant in Blue Ombre



Small Silver Botanical Mandala Pendant Blue Ombre by Catherine WeitzmanDelicate blossoms of gracefully graduated colour are captured in still life within this two-sided glass chamber. The pendant is subtly enhanced by a frame of organically styled, softly textured branches. This tiny landscape of dried flowers brings the delight of discovery wherever it goes. Handmade in Hawaii.

Inspired by nature, Catherine Weitzman specialises in glass botanical jewellery. Her floral pendants, necklaces and earrings are crafted from recycled metals, found objects and hand-pressed flowers. The designs are an integration of Catherine’s experiences: they are deeply informed by her travels, her childhood in the city, her love of nature and water, and the way a single piece of jewellery connects the designer, the hands that made it, and the person who sees it, wears it and makes it her own.

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Materials & Dimensions

Recycled Sterling Silver, Watch Glass & Hand-Pressed Flowers
Handmade in Hawaii
Pendant: 21mm
Chain Length: 20", adjustable 18"


One Size