Smarties Gold Plated Beaded Hoops with Zoisite, Peridot & Agate



Smarties Gold Plated Beaded Hoops with Zoisite, Peridot & Agate by Mary Gaitani. Handmade semi-precious gemstone hoop earrings with 24ct yellow gold plated detail. Beautifully crafted with a pop of colour and subtle gold detail. The perfect gift.

Born in Athens, Mary Gaitani has applied her architectural knowledge to inspire a collection of modern jewellery using gold and silver. Her journey into jewels began as an outlet for her restless artistic spirit. For Mary, “Life is a constant journey and creation is the way of making it happen”. 

If you have any questions please get in touch by calling 0208 444 7000 or by emailing [email protected] for more details.



Materials & Dimensions

24ct Yellow Gold Plated Silver & Semi Precious Stones
Handmade beaded hoops with Zoisite, Peridot & Agate
Inner Diameter: 35mm


One Size