tf Exclusive “The Colours Of River Thames” Cuff Bracelet



Community Program
Diverse Partners
Family Owned
Locally Handmade
Recycled Materials
Supply Chain Transparency

tf Exclusive “The Colours Of River Thames” Cuff Bracelet by Franny E. A wonderfully unique gemstone cuff, skilfully crafted from bronze and fine silver. This distinctive piece features mixed gemstones and a highly textured finish, showcasing Franny’s commitment to unique, handcrafted jewelry.

Canadian designer Franny E sources metals, diamonds and natural gemstones that are socially, environmentally and morally responsible. Like each piece of jewellery, their natural gemstones and diamonds are one-of-a-kind and contain natural inclusions. No two are alike. Franny is dedicated to diversity, equality, and inclusion. Her handcrafted, one-of-a-kind pieces embrace old-world methods with no machinery or harsh chemicals. Operating on clean hydro energy, they stay small to control creation and distribution. They use recycled metals and Fairmined gold, tracing stones to their source. Committed to transparency, they connect closely with their following and proudly hold a Fairmined Certification, emphasising the unique stories behind each piece. 

If you have any questions please get in touch by calling 0208 444 7000, or by emailing [email protected] for more details.

Materials & Dimensions

Bronze & Fine Silver & Mixed Gemstones
Blue & Yellow Sapphire: Fully traceable, Sri Lanka
Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Orange Sapphire, Emerald: Reclaimed
White Topaz: Brazil
Band Width: 10.5mm approx.
This cuff can be adjusted slightly


One Size